Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Raj of Raj ...

It is amazing to see how scared is Mumbai Police to make an arrest to one citizen … had he not been newly bred army commander … it simply shows how deep rooted the menace is … (as news headlines say he refused to accept the Police orders!)

Frankly, I don’t understand what the real problem is … Mumbai is a cosmopolitan and a metropolitan … which by definition means a culmination of cultures … so where does this marathi specific culture started cropping up in Mumbai … had it been any cultural heritage, it would have been little understandable … Mumbai of all places… and the weirdoes are asking Qs like what has BigB done to Mumbai … I think they should look into themselves first and ask the same Qs and then point fingers to others as I firmly believe he has put a lot for the country (leave alone Mumbai)

Does mumbaikars imagine what would happen if all the so called immigrants are moved out of Mumbai – the city will die … no utilities … no transportation … no food / milk supplies … no work force … no business … think about it … ambanis are from gujju land, Tatas are from Rajasthan and Jharkhand, birlas are from Kolkata (and Rajasthan) and I am sure more than 50% of the current business entities would be from outside Maharashtra (forget Mumbai) … what would they do … dance on me mumbaikar … and then probably sleep empty stomach …

On one hand some of us are trying to bring in the Indian-ness among people and there are few who still like to play the divide and rule policy wish the law enforcement is little stricter in the financial capital of the country …

Quite true actually. Things like this happen not in Mumbai only. Even in Bangalore. And I think its not the normal people who really feel this.Its the dirty politicians who spread this nuisance for their own ulterior motives.Sometimes I wish somebody could clean India of all politicians and leave the normal simple Indians alone to leave a peaceful life.

Nice blog waise. Like reading it.
arre Abhishek babu aap bahut great likhata hai.I think u should be journalist than An IT guy.when i was reading this i felt as if i m reading a newspaper article.actually this is just political stunts &nuisance nothing more than that.i some time feel everyone is indian first than a mharatrian,gujrati,etcbut these sence of indianess is nowhere seen in our politicians.

Anyways very good blog.still i feel u can turned to be a amazing journalist. good bye.
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