Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Bananas always come in bunches …

This quote is perfect when it comes to crisis situations …

Current scenario –

Economic Crisis – driven by US financial markets (sub primes) and OPEC’s monopolistic policies resulting in huge financial melt down (equity markets in RED) and rising inflation (rising prices of petroleum products and commodities, reduction in general expenditure triggering a cyclical phenomenon of putting things on “hold” … overall depressive mood …

Slowdown Crisis – a lot of economic crisis result in industrial slowdown and cost cutting measures – directly impacting on the human resources – either laying off or cutting the salaries … with rising inflation and reducing salaries (aggravated by increasing Tax burdens) leads to reduction in disposable income…

Environmental Crisis – Green house effects, dramatic changes in weather conditions resulting in losing crops and increasing health hazards … this is also resulting in food and drinking water crisis

Energy Crisis – exponential reduction in traditional sources like fossil fuels creating a transcending effect on dependent industries and economic factors …

Political Crisis – Specifically Indian scenario – drift between the coalition parties on various issues – where in parties concluding on government (power) before the nation! Another aspect in political crisis is lack of attention on macro factors and over attention to the micro factors and vice –versa in some cases (which seems irrelevant as of today)

Personal Crisis – My marriage date is coming closer!!! (PS: that has some time though)

Open for discussion ...

Tumne mere moonh ke kele chheen liye. I mean, my thoughts exactly. Add to this the fact that my kid's requirements for (expensive!!) diapers is going UP instead of down as he grows up (to be all of ONE)... and my company's VC funds are drying up. How rotten can bananas get?

Boo Hoo!!!

Good luck with that marriage idea of yours. Just kidding, it'll be the best thing you can do. When life gives you bananas, eat Kela chips. (Ugh, I am losing it)
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