Thursday, August 14, 2008


6 decades of freedom …

I don’t want to procrastinate, but can’t help doing it …

At the eve of 61st Independence Day of Republic of India, we have gained freedom for …

· Blocking pathways – roads / rails (irrespective of poor patients losing their lives or harassment to general public) – VHP leaders should be acquitted as criminals for such kind of disruption and banned as organization

· Blaming everyone else – the best way to get away …

· Politicizing every event (read dirty politics) – as remote as winning gold in Olympics – just imagine the amount other state govt, that are pouring on Bindra or Cricketers, would have invested in building sports development infrastructure, we would have won more gold medals …

· Demand bribes (do I need examples – recent scandal in Parliament is the biggest one)

· Putting road blocks and slowing down the growth initiatives, infrastructure development

· Get away from judiciary (read delaying so much so that it equals to denial)

· Reigning with Divide and Rule policy! – creating more and more communities and classes – just for virtual votes (as those classes probably never go and vote)


The list is probably endless … A lot of this because of loose law enforcement … as we do have law for lot of things … but it is the judicial enforcement of law and timely justice process that can do wonders …

It is sad, that we are dividing ourselves into smaller and smaller pieces that it is not far when there will be one man party (and not independents) and MPs and MLAs would be sold openly for being in the “power” (as being in power means – no one can touch you! – not even judiciary - at least in India it virtually means so) … and then ask them about India – they’d have only one answer – what / who India! “It is I”!

It would be really interesting to see what Mr PM delivers from Red Fort tomorrow… I don’t expect him to deliver any thing new … probably few words to save the grace!

I really wonder how we can being some constructive change … when leaders like that in current govt (very educated - MMS, PC, Aluwalia, MS Aiyer, Scindhiya, …) can’t … then who?

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