Monday, September 22, 2008


Game terrorists … Match Politicians …

And that’s how I would put today’s socio-political scenario of the country … and I am not just referring to the recent blasts in Delhi (and Ahmedabad, Bangalore, erstwhile many other places across the country) by IM … but also what has been done by some Hindu fanatics (Bajarang Dal, etc) in Orissa, Karnataka and many other parts of the country (to Christian community). I would call the latter also an act of terrorism …

And how are politicians winning … by simply blaming each other for doing / not doing xyz thing which has some probability of bringing change … good, bad or ugly is not their retrospective … for instance … take POTA! … BJP is asking for POTA’s implementation again … but by the standards of POTA – when Bajrang Dal would also be treated on the same lines then officials responsible for enforcing POTA would be charged for targeting innocents!!! – Well that’s just an example of how politicians will go back on their words on a blink of an eye!

Why I don’t see politicians flowing the help (esp monetory) from their own pocket (and not from State or Central Gov’s fund) into the Bihar / Orissa floods??? (They all had already emptied the gov’s fund a month ago on Olympic medal winner anyways!) Why there was no action on Nepal’s failure on acting on their fault of lack of maintenance of barrage – which led to massive floods in Bihar creating devastation across the state! Not only people, but the land (soil) erosion with crops being damaged – resulting in scarcity of food … in fact till date their hasn’t been adequate help provided to thousands of people with basic necessities like meds and food supplies …

I firmly believe, that if politician don’t interfere in the national security processes (including state’s) … terrorism will not find it’s feet to survive for long … it’s not that our security processes have lapse… it’s our politicians who create loop holes for themselves and provide opportunity for the terrorists groups (mostly funded and supported by few of such politicians) to use (rather misuse and abuse) those exceptions!

End of the day … it’s the politicians who has the cake and he eats it too!

I can never understand how intelligent people can be blind to the Bush logic.

Terrorism is not warfare. It is impossible to "fight" terrorism, since you need an opponent to fight with. In this case, you only box a shadow. Laws like POTA, clampdown on certain communities, encounter killings and revenge riots merely add to the problem. The original problem is people feel marginalised for whatever reason, and in absence of any sympathetic ear, use bomb blasts to be heard. Bombing them in return will only create more generations of disillusioned and disadvantaged orphans. This is what happened in J&K. This is what happened in Israel.

The Azamgarh district of UP that produced all these terrorists is notable for its poverty, illiteracy and lack of basic humane facilities. The government can spend funds in improving lives there rather than buy more guns and fake CCTVs.
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