Wednesday, September 10, 2008


State before Nation...

Following notes are my personal opinion based on the media excerpts (TV News and Newspapers) and therefore are biased.

Last few months we have seen two major instances which rocked the country for it being a Nation! And these two are Singur and Marathi in Mumbai …

I think former one could have been dealt little better way … assuming that out of 1000 acres allotted for the auto giant by the gov, about 300~400 acres were not really agreed upon! That’s about 40% (on the max front) … this could have been settled by talks with those who had issues with it (but why in the first place they agree on!) whatever the case may be – in case Tata backs off from the project (which is very likely), the 400 acres of land, which is at stake, can’t be now used for agriculture anyways … further, what happens to the people who had the rest 600 acres – where would they go now … an auto plant likes of Tata would have opened avenues for many new small scale industries and ancillary units … resulting in overall civic and economic development of the area … on top of that, the leading lady is actually claiming that she’s not responsible for the Road blocks and agitation on the highways!!! And it is gov’s duty to maintain the law and order… I really wonder what made state not to arrest the lady and put her behind the bars and have a little security tighten from the other end (rather than protecting the dharna!) why is MB always on the side of stopping progress … or part of the problem … why is she never a part of Solution … ever ???

On the other end of the country, this state of Maharashtra has a different claim of being separatists … and believe it can sustain without other states/center’s help … people living in Mumbai (or Maharashtra) need to be speaking marathi only!!! What about the national language – which is Hindi … if a person speaks publically in hindi, he’s not against marathi – or is he?! Worst, starting an agitation against an industry / person with destructive outlook towards everything, I ask the Mr Raj – what has he done to Mumbai, Maharashtra or India … except instigating violence … I think he needs to read and understand the constitution rights of the citizen of India very clearly … imagine Mumbai with only maharashtrians … what about the labor class which comes from UP, Bihar and Orissa, what about the business and engineering class that is predominantly across the country … Mumbai without bollywood (most of the stars are not from Maharashtra itself) … without Ambanis’, Bajaj, Tatas, Mittals, and so many industrialists … overall the economy of the city and the state will be dumped to nothing … the rest of Maharashtra is anyway groping with poverty (read poor farmers) … By creating another army of men who are uneducated, unemployed and exploited youth … the issues cannot be resolved … I can agree on retaliation of anyone who’s offending the local culture … but agitation like destruction is certainly criminal.


An unrelated comment - it's a little difficult to read the text when it's in red. It puts a strain on the eye!
i agree, there was some issue with the browser/ text editor... it didn't allow me to upload with customization ... after a few trials, i gave up ... and thus result... will try in next one :)
Hi Chaos..

True that we ppl are divided amongst marathis, hindis, gujratis and what not!!!

We belong to our religeon and then to the nation..
And the sad part is that we do not seem to learn from our mistakes
On the Singur agitation, my conspiracy theory mind says that the other auto giants are behind the whole facade. The Nano launch really shook them and many nay-sayers went on to admit that such a car could destroy their market. Even biggies like Hyundai, Suzuki, Bajaj and Nissan announced hastily put together small-car projects. Of course, they had no hope of survival before the painstakingly researched Tata project.

Answer: find a marginal politician to create ruckus. Delay or stop Nano production. The fact that her demands are specifically to distance the vendor park from main plant show that all they want is to increase cost of production. The farmers themselves are agreeable to compensation and settlement. However, no matter how much compensation is provided, the key demands continue to relate to making the project expensive rather than help any farmer.

For all you know, Buddha may be on the pay-roll as well. After all, didn't pharma biggies gang up to blacklist Ranbaxy's cheap drugs in US despite no active evidence of wrongdoing?

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