Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Big Ads ...

When TataSky launched its latest Ad featuring Amir Khan – I somehow didn’t liked it at all … not that Amir Khan had anything to do with but the Amir playing the dual role was repetitive (remember Coke!) …

And then came Ads of BigTV (Reliance) and Airtel TV (Welcome Home) … and I true think they are outrageously BAD! BigTV Ad is really scary – very destructive... I am still trying to understand what they really wanted to convey! …

and Airtel TV ad is really too much to digest! … I am still wondering how much Airtel shell out for the countless number of stars in a single ad (I am sure it must have broken the world record for number of celebrities in single ad campaign) … poor Rahul!

After seeing the latter two – TataSky ad is much better – talks about the product at least!

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