Sunday, August 23, 2009


Addicted to idiot box…

I just realized that we are so addicted to idiot box … yesterday, my neighbor got their TV (new home) and the cable connection guy messed up with the junction box, resulting in no connection on my line (which is courtesy Tata Sky). So, from 4 PM onwards, there is no TV!

It’s not that we are addicted to any particular channel/ serial … just that when there is nothing else to do (or not in a mood to move yours truly’s a**) … some thing needs to be there to occupy the space/ mind … channel surfing is one of the best ‘non-destructive’ past time. With no TV … and biwi in the kitchen (with her experiments) … it was really unnerving to sit idle … the weather was cold and I wasn’t really in a mood to pick up to read…

Aah! … why that idiot goofed up with my idiot box connection … and I don't want to miss the 'India got Talent' finale...

Update: I realized that I missed the India Talent show finale

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