Saturday, August 15, 2009


Changing Lives

It’s been long time I blogged … its not that nothing’s happening … just that the events were so usual or mundane to be written about … or may be by the time I would have put my thoughts across, the world has already pored in too much of information on the subject … then after marriage, my mind was too preoccupied with irrelevant things … felt too personal/ close to write on publicly … But since I never wrote to have any audience (or just me) … I pulled myself back in …

Marriage does bring in changes … some good … some not so good … some you want them … some enforced … actually the things that remain same are fairly dependent on the compatibility of the couple.

One thing marriage has done is strengthen my belief on my intuitions and understanding of relationships and human psyche. Before my marriage, I used to observe very closely the relationships my close friends had with their partners (girl friends or wife) … and try to observe the changes they had undergone from pre to post marriage … and their relationship at large and impact of social and environmental factors … these observations laid foundations of understanding on individuals and relationships … today it helps in me control my thoughts (especially frustration/ anger) …

To give you example … I was fairly outgoing person … (just needed a good company) … and I had thought that when I’ll get married, I’ll go out (getaways) with my partner and have fun. But now, when I see my partner not comfortable in less sophisticated environment, it becomes difficult to execute plans … for either of us to enjoy, we both need to be comfortable in the activity or event. Its not that she doesn’t enjoy going out, but when you go out, you do try to catch the local flavors … and if you don’t eat out at all, it’s really difficult. The end result is that I prefer to sit at home!

You might think me as an idiot, and not understanding the women’s reason behind it and just cribbing about it … it’s not that … it’s just one of the examples to say that I do understand people … and I am trying to bring in change in my life to ensure that relationship (which is just 8 months old) endures ….

hehehe... the first year is the hardest dude! have as many fights as you can. will help the remaining years pass off peacefully.

good luck to both of you :)

So when do we guys see u?
It be close upon two years for me and nary a fight have we had, laddie!
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