Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A few drops from sky…

Delhi – the capital city/state of the country – facing rain lashes – within few minutes the roads are flooded and worst of all … the airport roof is off!

One can imagine the level of corruption that might have crept in … the quality controls and standards have no meaning at all … a few drops flood the roads/ colonies …

I really don’t know to what level our local municipal corp is responsible in ensuring things being cleared … but I have firm belief that we (people at large) are equally responsible for the chaos…

If you carefully look around, you’ll observe that most of the drainage (wherever it exist) is choked / blocked with garbage / dump, which we have put in … and then when the rainwater have no space to drain out – it comes out on the roads and we cry foul (or rather flood) … not only that, we only are responsible for creating stupid traffic jams – by not following simple disciplines and common sense – every one is in hurry and by blocking other side of the road only leads to jams and confrontations … (NCR is already hot blooded for such acts)

I think, any municipality can do little if the residents are not cooperative … for little convenience factor, we ourselves create loop holes/ twists and then when it boomerangs – we just simply cry and blame it on others (read local govt). Because of lack of cooperation from the residents, the local govt has also shown reluctance in cleaning up or taking measures for the prevention of calamities.

Of course, higher level politics and lack of actions results in chaos turning in calamities. The local govt/ municipality in the first place will wait for road to be built before they dig up for drainage … then they’ll take ages to complete the project and then they’ll leave the mud on road – which not only blocks half the road but also creates slippery surface during the rain – causing more accidents. Further the road they build is so fragile that it creates craters (not just pot holes) within a week …

Solution is not simple – but not impossible. A public – private partnership – which includes local residents and local govt coming together to form a small independent organization to ensure the basic needs of urbanization - proper road/ drainage/ water and electricity supply and distribution is taken care. Bangalore had this experiment done few years ago – BATF (Bangalore agenda task force) – what I understood was – it was fairly successful – but it lived short life simply because of political reasons – the govt changed and all the policies / activities are put on hold … and so was BATF … but if taken to a next level, this type of task force can create miracles. And we really need miracles to come out of chaos!

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