Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I-day …

This I-day I was home for more than one reason … Swine Flu has already set the fear factor; if the terror strikes – especially on such occasions – was the only deterrent … the new flu has created a real panic ripple … (given the fact that state reported more fatalities due to mosquito related – dengue, etc … )

Bangalore is a place which is 'city packed'. Given we stay just on the outer side of the town, I had no mood to sway in to the city side and get stuck in the mad crowd … adding to the woes were the discount festivals… surprisingly, marketing/advertisement folks have got the Indian mentality of taking any off (from office) as holiday (or rather shopping day) … creating a special discount day / festival on specific days … if you thought economy was down … I would suggest make a visit to shopping malls/ outlets in any of these days (or even weekends) … or try reaching for any hotel/package booking for weekend getaway for these extended ones … you’ll be shocked to see either the prices are beyond your budget (which you might have thought lowed due to recession) … or already packed

Finally, I just wanted to laze on a quiet weekend

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