Wednesday, August 19, 2009


India got Talent

Reality shows have been there in Indian TV since the age of Z-TV … remember Antakshari … that was the first reality show on Indian TV and actually it was very Indian too. The reality shows got a boom since KBC … and there after there was no looking back… KBC being a copy of one of the popular reality shows of the west, there were multiple copies of either KBC of some other shows. Last couple of years, there has been a rain of these shows … some become very popular and continue as a series … like India Idol, Roadies, … some of these shows actually take the initial enthusiasm – but loose it even faster … there was a flurry of comedy shows too … and now every channel (especially news ones) are nothing but a comedy … too much of it taking out the humor per se. Personally, I hate most of them …

However, while the usual channel surfing, I happened to pause on something which was very inspiring … it was one of the semifinals of the India’s got Talent (copy of Britain’s got Talent) … I did happened to see one or two snippets of the shows earlier (during their usual qualifying rounds) … but couldn’t stick around … the semifinals have been selected ones… and man, they were good … awesome stuff … though my opinion of few of the entries was different – especially those which had solo singing … as there were plenty of shows for showing singing talent … but few of the entries really took the stage… the best part of the show is that the judges are very soft and mature (unlike other shows, where they start fighting within themselves) … their remarks were never to let any participant down … very humble … and to each of the participants they were encouraging as if they are the best!

They also had an I-day special, and it was really breadth taking one … I am just waiting for the finals now … as that would be the best of the bests …

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