Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Pick any 2!

Note: Gyan

We are always selling something – product, services, our expertise … here’s a quick tip – I learned through others experience …

Most of our sales can be based on 3 key pillars or points of a triangle – and out of these you let the customer control 2… the third is on your hand … if you give away all the three – you don’t win.

First to most of the customers, requirements start from “what” – what product / service and at what quality or scope (size). Quality is something none of the customers would compromise on. The restricted budget usually constraints the size or scope of product or project. Good part is the scope is normally negotiable, if not the quality.

Then, the Cost factor (or budget) – most of the customers have this constraints … here is when our financial modeling or pricing strategy comes in play – discounts, split/ staggered pricing helps …

And last but not the least, time to market – chances are this is one thing most of the customers won’t give up. They have their stakeholders too …

It’s a realistic triangle, and needs some control at your hand too to survive. One needs to have at least one flexible point to deliver. So best is to ask your customer to “Pick any 2! – Good – Quick – Cheap”.

I like this new focus of your blog. Look forward to more "gyan" ;-)

On the 2nd pillar, I'd rephrase it to say "value" instead of "cost". Indian consumers will gladly splurge on an Audi at 8 times the price of a 'normal' car. Yet Reebok couldn't sell expensive shoes when they first started in India. Big Bazaar, with all its cost discounts, is struggling with massive lay-offs and dwindling sales. They are losing to the neighborhood kirana guy.

The Indian consumer has shown that it is value she looks for. If there is perception of "value for money", she will buy.

Which explains why 3hr Bollywood movies are bigger hits than better-made 90 minute "niche" cinema. LOL
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