Saturday, September 12, 2009


Some training sessions are good…

Last 2 days I was attending a training … on presentation skills … how funny (a training on ppt) … right? … wrong! … this training had nothing to do on ppt skills… in fact it prevented us to use ppt and use of ppt was used only as aid to presentation. The only time ppt slides were used – was to demonstrate how to use them. The presentation skills meant how you present yourself and your content. Not exactly the oratory skills but when to modulate … how much to modulate … how to stand… how to react … what to do with your hands … this training was more like a workshop … we were not just told … we were asked to do … we were video shot and coaching was provided till we improved at least once. Fantastic trainers … engaging us with every moment … connecting with us at every act …

this was one of the best training I have ever attended so far...

Too bad that you got this training a little late (10 yrs maybe) ;)
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