Thursday, July 30, 2015


Capital Punishment ... should we?

Controversial and Personal Opinion

Every time we see a flash news on capital punishment on anyone, especially, if the community of the person is not hindu! ... there is always a hue and cry... Be it case of Kasab, or Azmal or Yakub.

Why haven't seen this outcry when a Hindu is being punished ... that actually doesn't even hit the newspapers ... last stats I read somewhere that since independence, only 8% of the cap punishment were to the muslim community.. why this outcry that because of being muslim the said person was targeted !!

I sincerely believe that people sitting in the courts as judges are no fools by any means... and they do go through the evidences and case details thoroughly and both sides have lawyers to support too... and if the court of law decides, it's certainly not an emotional decision.

I also believe media is making a mountain of a what is not even a molehill but continuously showing one side of the story ...

The media in this country has totally lost it. It is unbelievable how they are acting these days..
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