Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Indian Origin CEOs for Global MNCs

Today another person of Indian Origin (I would call them that only) .. became CEO of Google. Earlier few others made some marks ... MS, Pepsi, ....

I don't see a reason for gung-ho about it ... Well, to begin with, they have been there since long ... they have invested their time and energy to the organization ... and they have been given the responsibility based on merit.

Times have changed, we have more start-ups having people with Indian Origin as CEOs ... If I look into just last 10 years, more than half of the creamy layer of engineers passing from IITs, NITs and other good colleges are anyway pursuing higher education in US ... also, the mind set across the organizations are changing ... and is no longer biased (to the extremes) towards other societies ... and hence the result.

Another aspect, why I am not very gung-ho about it is that it's not going to make any impact on Indian engineers / talent ... nor to India (as a country) ... and certainly not me! :)

I just feel, as an Indian myself, that Indians sometimes focus on "their own" so much that when an Indian ( from whatever part of the world) gets to a high position they automatically claim him or her as their own LOL!! while ignoring the lesser known but equally hard working common Indian person right there working along side them....Hello =) Blog Hopped here
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