Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Un-parliamentary affairs

The monsoon session of the Parliament (Modi Gov) is about to end ... and since the day0, there has been a dead lock to make the parliament practically non-functioning. And this is not new. Even when Cong / UPA was in power, BJP / NDA wouldn't let the parliament function. The so called Q&A is now just a thing that happened.

My concern is with current opposition is that, you can select a topic on which you don't want to discuss in parliament ... but making it completely non-functional is bizarre... and on top of that, you do dharna when you are suspended!

And to Modi Gov, when you have such a minority opposition, why is that you are not able to make the session a working one??? Do you really need a opposition's presence to pass the bills / amendments!

To Modi Gov ... you rose like a lion ... don't hide like a jackal ...

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