Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Bangalore Blues…

Bangalore is cool place to be in… that’s why it’s a bit over crowded… triggering to nuisance across… mostly on the road! (housing is another… see house hunt)

The foremost are the Autos! First they refuse to get hired and then put a condition for being hired … For a 6 km ride auto driver asks 70/- (actual is 30/-)… at 6 pm (1.5 times after 10pm) from Brigade Rd to Swagath Theatre. The driver says blatantly that he’ll charge 70/- for going to the destination and I can put a complaint anywhere if I want to. Consider this… by the time he’ll reach the destination, it will be an end of show at the theatre … and he can get his “sawari” again… but the response is that he won’t get it there!!! Amusing and frustrating …

The other aspect is of the two wheelers … seems like rules don’t apply to them… for one there are few roads and fewer footpaths… and in traffic congestions (peak time of the day) they don’t mind riding over the footpath too… where should the pedestrian go!!!

Further, BMTC buses are the biggest nuisance on the roads… they ride as of they own he streets and no one else has right to use … they’ll stop in the middle of the road forcing the commuters to get down and face the music of the bikes and cars overtaking from sides… and I really get amazed about the 90 degrees turns by the buses…

I hope the corporation /govt. does something about it soon… otherwise the so called garden city (as very few gardens remain) will be nothing less than a concrete village …

Summary: politics take the toll to the development … people aggravate the problems by abusing the loopholes… and politician eat the pie!

Fortunately I'm out of that loop now. Though things are not all that much better this side of the universe... Most of the roads have much lesser traffic than what is seen in Bangalore. Driver behaviour (2/3/4 wheelers plus cycle rickshaws) is no different, however. In the main marketplace area, half the road is taken over by parked vehicles and everyone adjusts. Amazing.
nice to c that u have got into the blogging mode. i cant think of writing anything interesting. my life has bcome sort of draggy!!
Even in a small town like mine I see these rikshaws creating hellotova trouble.. Leave aside bangalore then...
noticing that you haven't posted anything in a long time. new job keeping you very busy ?
All said and done, I still miss Bangalore :(
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