Saturday, September 03, 2005


The chaos of Katrina…

Well I am not talking about Ms Kaif! … no doubt she is devastating (HOT!) … but the devastation which Katrina – The Hurricane has done win America is may be another way of nature to say something! If we notice, its another of the nature’s fury since last December (after Tsunami and heavy rains over India). Acres of land is flooded and crumbled… no food, no drinking water, no power, … life’s dead… across miles… and seemingly the world’s greatest facilitator is now facing issues in its own land!

I have this stupid feelings within me… that nature is trying to tell us all … don’t waste water or water will drown you… kill you… there’ll too much of water which won’t be of any use …. The savior will become the death sentence read: water-life-and-death

Just hope things settle down fast… its really painful to see these… images

Came across ur blog more by chance...Yeah man.....may be there's gotta be a balance in everything.....nature keeps the checks and balances!
its just strange that the third world picked up the pieces and is now fixing itself.. and then you have the helpless yanks who think this is the end of the world...
I don't agree with the point of view that 'nature' is somehow sentient and is keeping balance. It's a bit difficult to believe that the intensity of this tragedy would have lessened a bit if Chaos had wasted less water!

Can you even begin to imagine what a hurricane of this magnitude would do to a place like Mumbai or Chennai?
This is not the first time I am hearing this - "nature is trying to tell us / show us". The more that happens the more I start thinking that it might be true.
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